Labyrinth Meanderings

Labyrinths have been around for over four thousand years, but I knew little about them when, in early 1995, I stumbled upon a photo of people walking one. I was stunned! 

Immediately it spoke to me of an experience of deep prayer. I vowed to write to the director of this “labyrinth project” and find out more. Returning to my busy life, I promptly forgot about that vow.  
Or did I? 

The labyrinth has a way of captivating your soul. I recently stumbled upon a note in an old journal from January of 1996: “consider making a labyrinth.” Synchronistic events directed me to a labyrinth workshop the very next month. I believe it was the power of intention and the labyrinth’s impression on my psyche that brought me there. 

My first walk on a labyrinth was a mystical experience and I instantly knew I had to make one. Since that day, I have been totally captivated while the symbol imprinted on my life as a guiding archetype. 

I made my first labyrinth in 1997 and became a founding member of the Labyrinth Society in 1998.  Over the years I have continued my involvement with the labyrinth community by attending the yearly gatherings and making labyrinths of all sizes and materials. My slide shows are a work in progress attempting to share a sampling about my meanderings on the labyrinthine path ….

Labyrinths I’ve visited:

I have begun to sort through images of the labyrinths I’ve visited in over a dozen states...and will begin to upload the images....there are so many labyrinths out there in the U.S. alone! See what I have uploaded so far and check back often, as this will take some time! In the meantime, you can check out the Labyrinth Locator to find a labyrinth just about anywhere you may want to find one!

Labyrinth Gallery:

Miscellaneous images of labyrinths I’ve made: To date, I have made labyrinths from one inch to thirty-six feet in diameter. There are labyrinths for walking, on cloth and on the earth; there are wearable labyrinths: pins, pendants, scarves/prayer stoles; and there are labyrinths for visual and tactile meditation: prayer flags/cloths and finger labyrinths. You can also find labyrinth jewelry in my gallery under the jewelry slideshow.

Interesting Labyrinth Images:

I find the labyrinth to be a creative space and I love to explore the visual energy that presents itself. Light, shadows, and movement combining with sacred geometry make for transformational imagery. I will upload these images as I come across them when I am sorting through my visited labyrinths, so please check back from time to times.

My Labyrinth Slideshows

Sacred Space at Home: The “Evergreen Labyrinth”

Created in 2000, I have enjoyed walking this Santa Rosa labyrinth in all four seasons. This is a contemporary design by my friend and colleague, Dr. Lea Goode-Harris. I gave it the name “Evergreen Labyrinth” due to the surrounding pine trees. However, the power of intention being what it is, a carpet of moss has established itself throughout, further exemplifying “evergreen.” Photos shared here will reflect a variety of incarnations of this “living” labyrinth.

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